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Our roasters are a dynamic team, working hard every week to deliver only the best coffee to our consumers. If you stop by the shop on a Monday, you may catch them during a cupping; doing quality control on all current batches. On Tuesdays you’ll find them roasting – taking only the highest quality beans and working hard to bring all the flavors out. On all days, you will find them ready and eager to help you along on your personal coffee journey. Meet our roasters:



Youngs gate 9

0181, Oslo

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 07.45 - 18.00

​​Sat - Sun: 11.00 - 18.00


Markveien 58
0550, Oslo


Man - Wed: 07.30 - 18.00

Torsdag: 07.30 - 19.00

Fredag: 07.30 - 18.30

​​Lør - Son: 11.00 - 18.00




Click through the quick guide so we know what you like to drink and how often we should roast for you.



We roast and ship your coffee every week, guaranteeing you ultimate tastiness.



Sit back, relax and enjoy. You're never going to run out of good coffee again.


Our concept is different here at Lille Oslo Kaffebrenneri. Rather than always receiving the latest coffee, you will consistently receive your preferred coffee(s) – specific to your tastes and specially curated just for you. You choose how often you would like to receive your coffee, and let us know how much coffee you drink daily. We then calculate how many boxes you will need, and which roasts you’ll be given. Both whole bean and ground coffees are available for the same price, and will be prepared by us for your personal coffee machine.

Coffee quantity and roast quality is always consistent, although the prices may vary. This variation is caused by the location and price of the green coffee bean. This means that your favorite coffee could also be the cheapest one we have! It all comes down to flavor profiles and your palate. Because of our high-quality products and varying prices, we recommend that returning customers sign up for our membership. Buying by the box is completely optional, but our membership will enable you to pay a set price each time, regardless of the coffee’s origin. This means you will get the variety you want, and the quality we guarantee, for a lower price over time.

We offer wholesale deals for companies as well, based on how much coffee is needed and how often.


To inquire please email us at


We are a small, privately owned, Norwegian coffee roastery in the heart of Oslo. We are passionate about quality, and committed to making great coffee accessible to everyone. It is no secret that coffee is an integral part of the culture here in Norway, and choosing from the variety of cafés and roasteries can be overwhelming. Here at Lille Oslo Kaffebrenneri, we believe there are a few things that set us apart.

The fact that we are an independent roaster is a huge benefit. All our coffee is brewed in small batches, and every step of the roasting process is done by hand. Being smaller in size gives us the ability to carefully inspect, analyze, and adjust at any given moment – ensuring each batch, and therefore every cup of coffee, is as good as it can possibly be.

At Lille Oslo Kaffebrenneri we focus not only on the coffee, but on the consumer. Our mission is not only to make great coffee, but to make that great coffee readily available to you. We send weekly, rather than monthly, to keep you stocked up on your favorite coffee(s). And, rather than sending out promotional coffees chosen by our team, we send fresh coffee every week based on your personal preferences. This ensures two things – that you never run out of coffee, and that you always love what’s in your cup.

Delicious coffee straight to your mailbox

We ship a wide variety of freshly roasted coffee from around the globe, on your schedule. Never run out of good coffee again.

Everyone loves the typical Ethiopian. This coffee has well-balanced sweetness with hint of citrus tea, muscat and candies! 


Kelloo Siko

This is a beautiful cup of Kenyan coffee.

It is sweet and jammy with notes of blackberries and tropical fruits.


AA Ngandu

This is an exciting natural process coffee from Colombia. This coffee has complex and sweet candy-like flavours with hint of Raspberry candy, strawberry, pure cacao and almond. 



This coffee has lovely sweetness, hints of honey, lemon and nicely brunt sugar. It's perfect as a breakfast coffee and any occasion!


El Toston

Lovely smooth coffee with hints of cream and walnuts. 

Great for the breakfast table!



An elegant geisha from Colombia. This coffee is silky smooth and entices with notes of jasmine and cherries.


Villa Karina

Welcome to Lille Oslo Kaffebrenneri!

Are you looking to explore different types of coffee and expand your palate? Or do you value consistency and enjoy a good, traditional coffee? Do you prefer to stick to your favorite, or would you enjoy receiving the same quality coffee from different origins, which have undergone different processes (i.e., washed, honey-processed, natural, etc.)? Whether you are new to the coffee game or a coffee connoisseur, a traditional drinker or an adventurous one, we have something for you.


Thanks for submitting!

Ayae is our head roaster. Originally from Japan, Ayae has been living in Norway since 2013. She has always enjoyed flavor and expanding her palate, whether it’s been in becoming a sake sommelier, or learning how to make her own sourdough. This passion for flavor, coupled with a desire to understand Norwegian language and culture, led Ayae to the coffee world in 2014.

By 2018, Ayae was roasting - attracted to the process by the desire to learn how to draw out the flavors herself. She has now been managing the department since 2019, and finds joy in being part of the intricate chain of hands the coffee beans travel through on their way to the consumer. Ayae thinks of Lille Oslo Kaffebrenneri as an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow. She enjoys challenging people’s perceptions of what coffee can be, while still taking note of their specific tastes and preferences. It is a delicate balance Ayae loves to explore, which is also one of the things that endears her to this company. “Something I love about our concept,” Ayae says, “is that it’s so inclusive. We don’t just serve what we like - we try to have a broad variety and really have something for everyone. We are coffee nerds that want to include you. Everyone has different preferences, and we can be approachable and tailor their personal experience.” Ayae’s go-to coffee is a washed Ethiopian because of its floral notes and buttery mouthfeel.

“Something I love about our concept, is that it’s so inclusive. We don’t just serve what we like - we try to have a broad variety and really have something for everyone.”

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